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aus_pokemon's Journal

Aussie Pokémaniacs
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Discussion on all aspects of Pokémon for Australia-based fans.

Aus Pokémon

This community is aimed at Australians who are into Pokémon. Whether it is playing the games, watching the anime, collecting cards and other merchandise. All these things are done easier with people in a simular time zone and also many things are different in Australia - releease dates, Pokémon tours, etc. Also, trading cards, plushies, etc is easier with other Aussies, because shipping costs less.

What kind of stuff is discussed here?

Organising wifi trades and battles
Release dates of things
Your collections and trading/selling
TCG trading
Introduce yourself if you feel like it, don't need to though.
And of course, general Pokémon talk, questions, etc!

Aussie Pokémon News

Who's going to the Nintendo DS Connection Tour '07. I bet they will not give event Pokémon. Meanies.
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl coming out June 21st. Or have you already imported?


pokemon For more general Pokemon discussion

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