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World of Pokemon(new here) [Feb. 26th, 2009 | 12:55 am]
Aussie Pokémaniacs
I'm just new here in this site. As of now I've been editing my pokemon blog which I've been develop for a month. It's very tiring, sometimes i almost give-up.. But as a pokemon Fan, i want to share to all on how great pokemon is. That's why I didn't stop to make this blog. Maybe some people don't like pokemon because they think it's a childish thing but i disagree on what they say. It does not mean that if you like pokemon you are acting like a child. But for me, being a pokemon fan is a way of loving mother nature as well as loving this little cute creature. Even they don't exist in real world, and they only exist on games but still you can show to them by taking care and train them to be good. As a result you can apply this outside the real world.. whoah.. I think I'm very sentimental.. nyay... anyway hope i'll meet Pokemon Fanatics here because i only got little friends who are Pokemon fanatic. By the way you can visit my blog and i'm sure you can get many information there about pokemon..
here is my site:


that all for now!!!! I'll update later..